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Winter Nail Trends
Ladies this winter season is all about forest greens, deep reds, moody blues and enchanting purples. Trendy colours this season
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Relax & Rejuvenate With Our Handpicked Nail treatments
A regular mani-pedi is an essential part of every ladies routine with more men making this a part of their
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Everyday tips for Healthy Skin
Our skin Specialists have compiled a list of tips to keep your skin healthy & radiant: 1. Use an SPF
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Beauty Tips for the Desert Environment
If you live in the UAE you know how difficult it is to keep your skin clean, hydrated and young.
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Men’s hairstyle trends for Summer 2017
Everyone is feeling the heat this summer! Last year we saw an immense amount of experimentation with women’s hair trends,
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Summer tips for Healthy Skin!
Summer is here and your skin can change as the weather changes. Below are some tips from our skin experts
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Met Gala 2017 Best Hair & Makeup Looks
The Met Gala’s 2017 theme was a tribute to the living Japanese designer’s cult-avant-garde brand ‘Commes des Garçons.’ A-list celebrities
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Wedding Preparation For The Groom
Men don’t get ignored at our salon! Below are some wedding preparation tips to make sure you look the handsomest
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Head To Toe Bridal Preparation Guide
It is important to start your beauty preparation at least 6 months before your wedding day to completely detox your
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Benefits Of Regular Massages
Receiving a regular body massages gives you numerous physical & mental benefits. Having a massage atleast once a fortnight is
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