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We have picked the choicest and most luxurious manicure and pedicure rituals along with a variety of pampering hand and foot spa treatments all carried out in a relaxing atmosphere. We use the best products from industry-leading brands and our team of highly trained nail technicians our committed to providing you with the best experience possible.
Our Nail experts will analyze your nail condition and recommend the best treatment for a journey to healthy nails. It is time for some ME time! Lean back, close your eyes and let our enthusiastic and talented nail stylists take care of you!



Re-shape, re-buff & re-varnish with soak, push back cuticle, exfoliation & mini-massage.

Peppy PediAED 80 (45 Mins)
Mini ManiAED 70 (45 Mins)
Get Nailed
(Cut, file and Polish Change)
AED 50 (30 Mins)


Enchanting therapies dedicated to feeding your hands & feet with the nourishment they crave. Blending exclusive ingredients with contemporary therapies, these signature treatments combine the power of touch & heat, customised for your skin to achieve magical results. Ideal for treating pigmented & ageing skin.

The OPI Signature PedicureAED 140 (90 mins)
The OPI Signature ManicureAED 120 (90 mins)


Where MEDI meets PEDI. The Footlogix professional pedicure focuses on healing foot & nail ailments including eliminating simple dryness to addressing more severe conditions resulting from Diabetes.
It is also the perfect pedicure for Men. Highly recommended for runners, athletes & anyone leading an active lifestyle. It is safe for diabetics.

The Footlogix Pedi-MediAED 150 (60 mins)


Get weeks of high performance, Chip-FREE, Smudge-FREE perfectly dolled up nails. Perfect for those on the go! Includes nail trimming and shaping, nourishing and gel polish.

Gel/Shellac Manicure (45 mins)/ FRENCHAED 120/ AED140
Gel/Shellac Pedicure (45 mins)/ FRENCHAED 140/ AED160
Gel/Shellac Re-Varnish/ FRENCH*AED 80/ AED 90
Soak Off GEL/Shellac RemovalAED 40


Hydrate Me AED 15
The Infinite Shine/ Vinylux Week long shineAED 15
IBX Nail Strengthening TreatmentAED 50
The Gel Break CureAED 25 (10 Mins)
The Hot Wrapper Paraffin TreatmentAED 120 (45 Mins)
The Hot Stone Heat Therapy for Tired FeetAED 70 (20 Mins)

*Prices inclusive of consultation.
*Enjoy our personalized packages for on-going treatments of nail-care and maintenance, massage therapy, skin-care or any of our Beauty Services.

Pedicure Services in Dubai
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